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Secrets to Industrial Energy Efficiency Savings

SophieFraserJan 8, 2019, 4:11:57 PM

Industrial energy efficiency can be defined as the ability of an industry to have a low production cost that translates to selling goods cheaply and still make a reasonable profit. In the recent past, energy efficiency in the sectors has been able to improve dramatically. The energy performance of industries has grown and the industries have been able to realize greater utility savings. Here are some secrets or tips that will enable an industrial plant to improve their energy efficiency.

First and foremost, you need to know the amount of energy that your facility is capable of saving and this depends on various factors. You can use the external benchmarking tools such as the energy performance indicators(EPIs) that are designed specifically to your industry so that you can be able to know the performance of your facility as compared to similar industries that are in the market. It is good to make a wise decision about how you invest in the energy efficiency as you track the progress and also have a reference point for your energy performance to have goals that are set towards attaining energy savings.

It is also essential to carry research about other plants that are similar to yours so that you take a lesson of how they have been able to save their energy use. It is also vital that you remember to implement an energy management program that will ensure that you realize an increase in energy saving and also maintain the energy efficiency improvements over a long period. The guidelines in the program can show you how to improve your energy performance continuously.

It is necessary that you evaluate the energy-saving opportunities in your facility as mechanical energy are divided into process and non-process loads, and it is vital that you upgrade your energy efficiency in both areas. You will need customized and specialized energy solution for you to be able to increase the efficiency of your equipment's. When you enhance the effectiveness of your machine's in the industry, such as the metal forming presses and the packing system, you will be able to see a significant reduction of the energy that is consumed in the daily operations. You can also improve in non-process electric loads in your facilities such as the lighting, motor and drives and even the refrigeration system. Your facility can achieve energy saving when you carry an assessment to identify and explore all the opportunities for saving energy. Check out this California energy efficiency rebates.

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