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10 Most Widely Acknowledged Conspiracies in Sports That Could Just As Well Be Real

SlotsspotJun 27, 2019, 8:33:28 AM

The world of sports is categorized as one of those life spheres that provoke extreme emotional outburst as well as the kind of conduct that could bring out the worst and best human qualities alike. At times, despite all the positive things that sports can bring to a person, it can be shadowed by the negative ones as well. Here is an insight into those shadowy sides of sports that have provoked the emergence of conspiracy theories revolving around the hard-to-believe events.

David Stern and the Suspended Envelope

The NBA Selective Lottery carried out in 1985 provoked much debate after it was found out that the NBA supervisor David Stern had suspended the envelope that had the NY Knicks card in it. It was assumed that the card would be chosen only for the number-one selective lottery participant who at that time was Patrick Ewing.

The NBA was in dire need of a legendary star and most people considered Ewing to be the best option for the NY Knicks. David Stern was also nurtured in New York, while the Knicks, which at that time were not doing well, required a new legend in order to improve their lagging performance.

Even thought this is a widely recognized conspiracy speculation, the existence of numerous similarly possible tools of fixing the game, such as bent, heated or labeled envelopes, allows suggesting that this kind of story might be just an urban legend.

Ronaldo’s Seizure

The final match of 1998 went down in history as one of the most heatedly discussed sports occasion of those times. The host country was France that promoted its legendary Zinedine Zidane and had to stand against the all-favorite players of Brazil, including the iconic football player of all times, Ronaldo.

Everything was ready, but a few hours before the jump-start, people began to spread gossips. Ronaldo had been hit out of the game with a seizure. There were not many details regarding the occasion except for Ronaldo being replaced by the other player. However, when the time came for all teams to go ahead, Ronaldo suddenly reappeared and got engaged in the proceedings in place of his team mate.

Brazil completely lost the match scoring 3-0, while the football star looked devastated. The theory goes that Ronaldo could have been poisoned to ensure the victory of the other team. However, some people say that he was just exhausted after all his previous attainments.

Michael Jordan and His Mysterious Termination from NBA

Michael Jordan took well-deserved rest from the NBA in the mid-1990s. At least, this is in line with the official story. However, the conspiracies surrounding this question claim that Jordan was terminated by the NBA authority David Stern for his severe casino-related addiction. This also referred to his betting on the basketball games.

David Stern was not willing to let the basketball reputation be dishonored, so he gave the legendary player a chance to proclaim that he was taking well-deserved rest in order to cover up the situation.

However, Jordan soon came back to play for the other reputable team known as Chicago Bulls and remained their player until the end of the nineties. It seems like his retirement did not last for too long.

Asthma Pretext of Team SKY

The world of cycling was faced with many hardships after a reputable American sportsman Lance Armstrong had been proved guilty of taking doping by the US Anti-Doping Commission several years ago. He was deprived of all his honors bringing shame on not only himself, but the entire sport in general.

Since that time, cycling as a sport had been trying to get back its reputation, while many other similar cases of forbidden drug usage continued to take place. Not so long ago, Team SKY was forced to undergo the same calamity.

Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins have received increased attention from the media. Both of these sportsmen together with the manager of the team have completely refused to accept all accusations against them.

Mass media sources have indicated that the rates of asthma development across the team members are suspiciously high, along with the mysterious vanishing of packages that were previously ordered by the cyclists.

Curt Schilling and the Blood-Stained Sock

The sixth game of ALCS in 2004 featured Boston Red Sox player Curt Schilling competing against the NY Yankees. In the course of the match, it could be noticed that Schilling was wearing a blood-stained sock, which clearly indicated that his leg was injured.

Schilling was widely recognized for promoting his baseball performances in person. Many were thinking that he sprayed the red paint or some cooking sauce on his sock to make himself a hero who was playing in spite of an injury. However, still others wondered whether this could be a true wound. Well, we’ll most probably never know this for sure.

Death of Bob Woolmer

The Cricket World Tournament as of 2007 will be eternally remembered not for the authentic play, but for a completely different reason.

At the end of March, Pakistan-born coach Bob Woolmer unexpectedly died. His death happened right after his shocking termination from the competition following his defeat to the Irish team.

The termination caused immense hostility on behalf of Pakistani fans that targeted the team of Woolmer and the unfortunate coach himself. Woolmer’s sudden death was primarily perceived as a murder, but there was not sufficient evidence regarding the causes of his death, so the accident was never proved to be a criminal act.

Cal Ripken and the Baltimore Stadium’s Power Cutoff

At the end of the 1990s, Cal Ripken, who is known as a member of Baltimore Orioles team, enjoyed a series of successful games, which became the main reason for full sales of the tickets for his games. The story goes that at one time right before the game, Ripken witnessed his wife in bed with a famous movie star and their mutual friend Kevin Costner.

Ripken then called the manager of the team saying he was not ready to participate in the game. The team’s director was not able to bear the idea that such a talented player as Ripken was not going to play, so he cut off the electricity on the stadium, which caused the whole match to be delayed.

However, there were eye witnesses who claimed that they had seen Ripken in person fully dressed for the game before it was about to start, and such claims did not encourage people to believe in the theory.

Ripken then continued winning in several other consecutive games and went down in history as the best MLB player with the utmost number of victories in store.

Muhammad Ali’s Surreal Punch

This is ranked as one of the greatest sports-related conspiracies ever. In fact, it is quite a believable story, even though some would call it unreal.

It all happened during the second round between Sonny Liston and Muhammad Ali in the mid-1960s. During the primary round, Liston was trying to make a left jab at his opponent, but Muhammad Ali replied with a right hook. Another fighter hit the supporting canvas and fell on his back. However, most of the viewers claimed they didn’t even see the contact between the fighters.

This makes one think that Liston could have fallen on purpose. The photograph who attended the round and took pictures of the proceedings has become one of the most reputable professionals of all times.

Bob Arum Amending Bradley’s Victory

Boxing turned into the epicenter of contradiction once again after Timothy Bradley had won over Manny Pacquiao in 2012. The boxing marketing specialist is claimed to have paid the jury to award the victory in the round to Bradley. His opponent dominated over the other fighter, but Bradley eventually came out as a winner.

Some people suggest that the promoter wanted to push his favorite fighter forward and turn him into another popular boxing star, while the contradictory ending of the fight also stimulated greater demand for the duplication of the match to take place.

New Zealand Rugby Tournament and the Team’s Poisoning

The 1995 Rugby Tournament went down in history as a competition that demonstrated how South Africa had overcome its previously experienced hardships.

The ultimate victory of Francois Pienaar’s team with a score 15-12 is going to be remembered by generations to come. However, it all could have happened differently.

It is claimed by some that the rugby team of New Zealand experienced a massive food poisoning a few days before the tournament. The question of whether this was an accident or whether it was caused by some tricky plan of wrongdoers remains unanswered. 

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