S艂awek Matyjaszewski

Poland 馃嚨馃嚤 Artist / Sculpture / Land art / Site-specific / Modern art / Drawing / Travel

Polak, katolik Niepoprawny politycznie Cz艂owiek gorszego sortu. A tak po za tym to biolog amator, pszczelarz i wielbiciel historii.


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Aspiring Artist and Free Speech Activist. I post every week, currently It's my progress in learning to draw, but soon will include recordings of my piano playing.

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I help individuals start and grow businesses, cryptocurrency investment. 24 hours trading 馃搱馃搱

Mostly unhappy person. I 鉂 LeBron James! Go Suns! I realize its a bit of a dichotomy - oh well 馃ぃ

Helping myself and others attain individual energy autonomy through energy management consultation, space transformation, and waste stream transmutation. I am documenting my journey of mastering my knowledge base and learning new skills in order to actualize my dreams.

Jun 2018
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