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Hey there, just someone who draws sketches and illustrations. Hololive dweller, anime, manga, and spicy culture Connoisseur. Spicy art on Pixiv 馃敒 馃敒 - safe art - Artstation Twatter: Fediverse (Should Minds go anti anime): Poast : Pawoo: #art #sketch #anime #drawing #manga #pinups

I love drawing art and painting. My mediums: pencil/crayon, watercolors, acrylic Open for commissions. You can contact me directly on: [email protected]

Friendly neighborhood unspeakable terror from space. Random SciFi text generator. Artist, illustrator, designer. @spacekraken Parler | Gab | Minds

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Erotic Digital Art Kora Lovelace, the demon girl, and her friends. You can see Kora's illustrations but be sure you want to see her nudes and lesbian pics. I would not like to offend you. 馃挅Best Patrons馃挅 @SGTHoc @Firefly76 馃グThanks a lot for ur donations! 馃挄

33 year old digital illustrator based out of Oklahoma. 馃挄 Drawing cute things is my thing! checkout my new website! Instagram: I love anime, manga, and video games! I鈥檓 also a proud mama of 3 tiny humans. 鈽猴笍

Black Geek & Gaming Enthusiast Who Plays & Streams Video Games 馃懢 鈼 Streamer On: Twitch 馃捇 鈼 Co-Founder Of: Fiji Gaming Network 馃尯 鈼 Add Me On: PS5/XSX馃幃鈼

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Home for Youtuber & Fan Of All Things Gaming The Quartering

Update: we're a shit posting and freedom loving channel. We don't care about your feelings only facts. If you have thin skin or are commie / democrat this is not the place for you. Also if you don't like naked women go somewhere else. Too Busy For Women (TBFW)is a MGTOW channel who's goals are to share a sampling of hobbies / activities men can do once they've taken the Red Pill. TBFW will not talk about the dangers of women, there is a ton of other MGTOWs who can and do explain it better then TBFW can. We here at TBFW are going to share what we do with all the new free time and resources we now have.

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Hey guys, girls, and those who identify as four-slice toasters, welcome to my Minds page. I am an amateur South African writer, blogger, meme creator, and owner of Suitably Bored. Video Game aficionado and part-time geek when not working in the IT industry. Free speech advocate who also likes to dabble in political commentary now and then. If you like what I post on here and enjoy my writing, please take some time to follow the link and subscribe to my blog or my various social media platforms. You can find my blog here:

All glory goes to the Church of Waifu, blessed be the Bishop of Bonk. Amen. Follow me @

I'm a guy who does things.

I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

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Apr 2017
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