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Why I refunded Jedi Fallen Order

SkeptiskNov 17, 2019, 11:58:33 AM

When Steam announced that Jedi Fallen Order was available, I became ecstatic, and without further thought, pre-ordered the game back in late October.

Big mistake.

It was only when I was opening up the library-page yesterday, thinking of installing it when reality snapped me out of it.

-The first was the several DRM's. I can stand one, not more of them. And when it mentioned online-activation, I thought, "well, there goes playing offline". Not sure if that's completely true, but that's how I feel.

-The second was that EA demanded that I install Origin, their launcher. I am loath to install launchers on my computer. I have Steam and GoG, and in my mind I link the other (sub-par) launchers to the likes of Epic Game Store, which I really hate.

-The third was that by buying this game, I was giving support to some of the worst publishers out there. EA, Activision, Ubisoft, and lately, Bethesda.

My Star Wars-fandom, from when I saw Star Wars the first time as a child, had blinded me from this fact. I should had realized that EA doesn't do anything because they want people like me - White and male - to have a good time. After all, they have spat on people like me, using words like 'entitled', 'toxic' and many many other words designating people like me as 'subhuman'. Why would any sane person be on Twitter is beyond me. It's a toxic landfill with the worst of humanity in one place.

And EA has always put multiplayer games before even considering single-player games, because you can't monetize the latter very much.

All the videos I have watched on Youtube came back to me of how they fucked up their other titles: Battlefront 2, Battlefield 5, Anthem, and many other titles. Should I really support these people?

TheQuartering mentioned that you could support developers when they do a good job, but with EA, I have little to no trust in redemption. Sorry, Jeremy, I'm not a believer when it comes to these companies. I'll trust EA to die, and every executive to be black-listed before I buy anything from them ever again.

The tipping-point came when I began watching the full play-through yesterday, and I realized I had a fourth and fifth reason to get it refunded.

-Fourth, it relies heavily on jump-puzzles, and my hands aren't that steady, so in general I keep away from those games. I can get the other puzzles, as I love the Half Life-games, but even those I can only get though because of muscle-memory from when I was much younger. If Half Life was new today, I could probably not get through it.

-Fifth, the several graphical irritations, namely the animations. The main character looks like he has a broom stuck up his ass when he runs. I noticed this in other games like Battlefront 2 and Battlefield 5. So they have never bothered to make good animations and relies on cheap stock-animations. It's like watching Mass Effect: Andromeda, but with other animations. If they can't be bothered to make things look good, why do it in the first place?

So, five reasons why I refunded Jedi Fallen Order. I have a bitter taste of how I tricked myself into buying this game from EA.

Never again.