"Time passes by, things change to form someone anew. Hello, and welcome to this hellish nightmare we call Earth." I've explored and stayed on many various social media sites such as Voat and 4chan, even to more fringe places such as Endchan.

10-Nov-1775 The Marine Corps was born. On 11-Jul-1798, President John Adams signed the bill establishing the U.S. Marine Corps as a permanent military force. My great(x8) grandpa was directly responsible for the greatest gift in my life. The ability to travel the world and kill people I disagree with.

From the ashes rises... Anti-SJW "Community" group: Dear Youtube Content Creators, Not getting the reach on Minds you'd like to have like @Sargon_of_Akkad and @DaveCullen? Having issues keeping up with people tagging you or trying to follow the comments of your followers all over the network and feel like you're missing out on the coverage you could be getting? Join our new group and post your content or shitpost in it and we'll promote it for you. Your followers on Youtube that are active on Minds will be able to interact with you in one convenient space and will know you're active on the site. Regards, The Anti-SJW "Community" . Anti-SJW "Community" group:

I am A 34 year old from Canada who believes fully in free speech. I like to play games and watch the odd anime, or read the odd manga. I am an introvert in the worst way. I want to meet and talk to people with out fear of being labeled..

My channel consist of: DIY, homemade toys, life hack, homemade electronic tools, paper craft * Homemade toys: alcohol stove, gun, archery, Boomerang... * life hack: Using recycled materials to create amazing stuff * homemade electronic tools: sawder, fan, boat, car, Helicopter... * paper craft: using paper to create amazing 3d model... example: Eiffel tower, supercars, supermoto... Thanks and hope you have a nice time

Twitter says I'm too controversial to be heard because I keep saying men are human. Go figure.

Currently taking time off from email correspondence

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"Watson is a brilliant polemicist." The Spectator.

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Lover of wisdom & bowls of Phở 🍜 just doing what she can to promote philosophy, self-knowledge, and voluntary human interactions! 🤝 Check out my latest project at

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Co-creator & CEO @minds

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