Shiloh Maria

Aesthete/Artist/Constant Singer/Devout Romantic/Attempted Mystic/Individual/Free Speaker/Rational Irrational Woman/Belly Dance Dabbler/Bad Poet. I believe in Reason, Evidence, Logic, and Magic, because there are, indeed, "more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy".


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Hi ! Im Samantha Anthony , And Im from US

I am a debtor, egalitarian, and comedian. youtube Pimpunkx channel where i frequent his streams: twitter Thanks for your support!

Constitutional Nationalist

A thinking man hoping to rise above petty differences and tackle the ever-present threat to free speech that exists today.

~Warning: I might make you think about stuff. ~Tweets are mine from my Twitter account by the same name, some are years old. ~If it's longer than a tweet then I'm just throwing out ideas. Feel free to comment in any way you want to. ❤

Sep 2016
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