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Is the GunVault SpeedVault SV500 Their Best Pistol Safe?

SecurityZone101Sep 19, 2017, 10:43:10 AM

“Smart. Strong. Quick. Safe.” That’s the motto of the two decade old company GunVault & also describes one of their most popular pistol safes, the GunVault SpeedVault SV500.  But what makes this safe and, all of their others, so good? The answer is simple; they live up to their motto by creating premium products with creative and innovative designs. Their “No-Eyes” keypad and bio pad are patented for good reason. If you’re trying to look for your gun in the dark, you want it to be easy to find, right? Who wants to try and figure out a combination lock or find a keyhole in the dark? That’s right, no one.

GunVault prides themselves on having a wide variety of products to suit many customers’ needs including, pistol safes, fireproofs, wall safes, and even car safes. While there are an amazing amount of impressive features, we also like to make sure our readers are informed up front of possible issues that are being reported by like-minded consumers so that you can make the most informed decision possible. Please read the following GunVault pistol safe reviews which go into detail about the features and whether or not they are convenient or not-so convenient in this particular product line.

GunVault SpeedVault SV500

The GunVault SpeedVault SV500 gun safe boasts an impressive 18 gauge steel construction. Like the other models, it has the amazing patented biometric digital keypad, override backup key, audio and low battery LED lights. This piece is ideal for home or business. It’s a relatively light 8.2 pounds and one of the product’s best features is the several mounting options available.  Reported by consumers as “Rock solid” and having “Foolproof programming”, as you might have guessed, the SpeedVault SV500 is a very popular model. Battery power (unit requires one 9-volt battery) allows you maximum portability if you’re not interested in mounting it permanently. A unique feature to this particular unit is it contains a white internal light that can be turned on or off depending on your preferences.

While there is an overwhelmingly popular response to the GunVault SpeedVault SV500 giving it a solid 4.5 (out of 5) stars from most reviews logged, it does still have some issues worth noting. The safe has a great feature of silencing the audible voice feedback when the correct code is input unlocking your firearm. However, the mechanism that unlocks the safe is reported to be rather loud which defeats the purpose of a silent feature. This particular unit ranks higher with users on reliability and durability. The GunVault SpeedVault SV500 gun safe measures 6.5 x 3.5 x 13 inches which allows it to be conveniently mounted in many tight areas.

GunVault MiniVault Standard GV1000S

This GunVault GV1000S MiniVault may be small, but it’s a mighty tough little product. 16-gauge steel construction on the outside will protect whatever valuables you have stored inside the soft foam interior. While there are many areas that GunVault can be proud of, one of the most impressive features of their safes is their patented No-Eyes key pad.

Imagine having access to choose from over 12 million different combinations and have access to your safe at the tip of your fingers – literally. Their safes are very easy to program and although it is electronic, you never have to worry about getting locked out because it comes with a backup key release feature. This safe requires eight AAA batteries for operation. This safe packs a punch with its compact size of 12 x 8.2 x 5.2 inches. It weighs in at a relatively low nine pounds.

While this GunVault MiniVault Standard is no doubt a quality unit, one of the key complaints is that the batteries are very difficult to get installed. Once they are in though, there are no worries until it’s time to replace them.  While overwhelmingly positive responses do exist with this unit, there are a handful of consumers that have problems with the unit not responding to their personal codes resulting in the need to enter it multiple times (which definitely would be a problem in an emergency) and also report problems with the bio keys appearing to wear out after several months of use. It’s important to note, there is a one-year warranty. This item received a consistent 4 star (out of 5) rating among like-minded consumers.

GunVault MicroVault MV500

Like the MiniVault, the GunVault MicroVault is solid and dependable. The same 16 gauge steel construction awaits you with its convenient keypad and internal computer that locks out after multiple incorrect attempts; you can feel confident its contents are secure. There is also an audio confirmation that can confirm you have made the correct selection. You can disable this feature for ‘stealth’ operation as well. While protective foam waits to cradle whatever you decide to keep on the inside of the vault, the outside is reinforced with precise fittings so that no hand tools can possibly break into the contents. The safe is also wall-mountable with pre-drilled holes on the bottom.

The GunVault MicroVault measures in at a sleek 11 x 8.5 x 2.25 inches and weighs only five pounds. That’s very convenient for vehicle storage and many customers use it for just that purpose. While predominantly above average reviews are what you’ll find, the most common complaint among consumers appears to be trouble with the keypad being accurate after several years of use. While many could say this is common among all brands, it’s definitely something to consider when purchasing a safety item. This item received a consistent 4 star (out of 5) rating from typical consumers.

Which would you choose?

As awesome as the GunVault SpeedVault SV500 is, it’s hard to choose just one item when so many of GunVault’s products have their unique and coveted keyless entry systems. It’s nice to have that key for back up but you can’t go wrong with the “No-Eyes” biometric keypad entry. Twelve million combinations will keep you busy and feeling safe and secure. GunVault was recently honored with a highly coveted “Safety Product of the Year” award from The Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. Their product was chosen over 141 others as the most innovative and impressive design. All of their products carry the seal from the California Department of Justice and The National Shooting Sports Foundation. They are committed to keeping you and your valuables safe and secure.


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