Sean Gugerty come real! come ruthless! come raw.! Lovers of Google back the fuck up off me, I'll break your fuckin jaw! We live in a world where Extortionists, pedophile stagers, and pushers of 63 genders are protected by law, those amongst us with the audacity to do drugs, prison bars is what we saw. I speak only the truth irregardless of how gory, to be perfectly honest 8 billion pacified no nuts motha fuckers, could use more violence in our story. So to privacy stealing Bryans and free speech raping jack, I'll do you a solid and shoot you in the face, versus stab you in the back!
My Long Time Anticipated Article "Big Tech Bans Lies?" click PinocchioBerg and join us! On a journey and into the mind and perspective of an American citizen hell bent on stopping the New world Order, and the censorship scum baggotry of a 5'7 douche bag born on 05/14/1984. 😎 And warning to the wise, if you see Fact Check endorsing something, it's probably bull shit!
My upcoming book's cover "Counter Surveillance: A field guide for targeted individuals.". And just what exactly is it that you as an American could possibly have done to find yourself ending up being a targeted individual? I mean obviously doing scumbag shit like I was doing back in my former drug dealer days definitely can put you on the list. Unfortunately, many Americans, some even outstanding citizens and pillars of their community can do nothing wrong and find themselves at the business end of gangstalking.
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