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I'm a free thinker. Learning is my passion. The sea is my home. astrology, numerology, anatomy, marine biology, history, anthropology, poetry, singing, art.

We are Anonymous, join us in our revolution.

I'm Tripping the Fantastic through Mother Nature's magical kingdom. I like to read and I like to write. I am currently employed as an imaginary friend and I am learning how to play the guitar but it's slow going. I'm nowhere and everywhere, spinning fire and kicking up dust. I'm a poor, wayfaring stranger only getting stranger. The Spice Must Flow... Namaloha. My bloggy writing can be found at my other websites too. KEEP YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND is a blog of opinion pieces with sections called: "Religio-Spiritual", "Bloggedy-Blog", "Meds" (meditations) and Musings", "Travel and Places" and even book and film reviews plus other randomness... BOHEMIAN MYSTICISM aka: "To Learn is Sublime" is a continuation of some pagan based/hoodoo etc. information I've created and been compiling over the course of decades. HUMANE-ISM was meant to be my "angry blog" but I'm just not an angry person so there isn't a lot there. That can always change though, I mean, the state of the world isn't exactly improving and loads of people are still ass-hats so... Long ago I wrote a little column called "Mystical Musings." It has continued, in varied forms, over time. It's just a way to encourage folks to share their own writing and opinions. To that end I started it up here at as well if anyone is interested: Namaloha! I can be contacted via any of the above listed websites via the contact page. If you'd like to support my writing please visit my patreon page:

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Jun 2015
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