#Action #Literature #Author, #Poet, #Lyricist and #Vocalist with a horrid sense of humor. I've got action books and heavy metal/punk music. Just lemme know what ya want! The Pen Is My Sword - Anubis Unit -

Lee Camp
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Comedian, Activist, Host of Redacted Tonight

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NASA on Minds fan page.

It's #Anonymous, not synonymous. It's decentralized, not group thought. It's an idea, not a cult.   This channel revolves around the world of #Technology, #Science, #News, #Philosophy, and all things #Minds!  | #Transparency | #TheGreatMigration #Active #Minds co-creator since July 2015. Minds is the root of the spiderweb, all other govspiders social media is based upon this identity.

The Anti-Media
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The Homepage of Independent Media

This page is dedicated to the promotion of scientific literacy and enjoyment with an emphasis on amphibians and reptiles. For a list of all Ribbiting Science accounts: BTC: 38BQE4G3bmx4XNHMaJuAmbuYB5gQs2aFYg *Supporters* @SnapperTrx @chesschats

Vision Launch Media
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Vision Launch Media is your gateway into the world of alternative media. We are a curated discovery platform for free-speech and independent thought. Our goal is to help neutralize the corporate media’s dominance over our culture & our nation’s collective consciousness.

Aug 2017
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