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Libertarian activist since the late 1980s. Very frustrated about how the world is turning into a fascist nightmare...
The origin of Cultural Marxism was the Frankfurt School, a group of Marxist ideologues who tried to explain why all the attempts to set up communist societies had failed. It was already obvious in the 1920s that even the USSR was not developing as they had hoped. They realized that people just don't like communism, as even most poor people understand that handing all property rights to the government is not beneficial to them. As for the alleged end-goal of communism, a world without government where everyone just co-exists in peace and harmony without private property, that's an infantile pipe dream - now promoted by the WEF and the Great Reset. They came up with a plan to change how people think about reality by changing social and moral rules and even the language people use - something Orwell denounced in his book "1984". Unfortunately, they are moving us closer and closer to the dystopian world of 1984. Cultural Marxism includes such evil political tools as Critical Race Theory, Identity Politics, Climate alarmism, 3rd and 4th wave feminism and the political exploitation of Transgenderism and Homosexuality. The most pathological Marxists even try to promote and justify pedophilia, e.g. the German "Green" party included the legalization of pedophilia in their official political program until 1993. Criticism of Cultural Marxism is usually countered with ridiculous claims that the term was used by Nazis and that it is "antisemitic", which is amusing, given that Marxists themselves are antisemitic since Marx & Engels - they passionately hated Jews and Judaism - and Nazis are Marxists themselves: While some of the main figures of Cultural Marxism were Jewish, many others were not, e.g. Derrida was Italian, Foucault, co-founder of the LGBT movement, was French, neither of them Jewish. As always, identity politics are wrong. The fight is not about the Jewish ethnicity of some of the founders of Cultural Marxism, it
This group will be used to list weather events while the "Climate Change" group will specifically provide in depth articles and studies about the alleged "man-made climate change" (AGW)
All things related to relationship issues
Tutoring mostly for math, science and IT - STEM fields
People who do really, really stupid stuff...
A group collecting my articles on various topics
Don't join if you are easily offended #politicalhumor
During the 1990s, we founded a libertarian organization in the Swiss French region under the name Pro Libertate - not related to the Swiss German Pro Libertate. This group gathers articles and posts about libertarian / classical liberal issues, along with anything related to the fight against the spread of fascist ideologies and organizations including all forms of Marxism (which includes Nazism and "woke" culture), political Islam, the UN and its Agenda 21/30 and the Great Reset.
All things related to Soros, the CFR, ECFR etc. No conspiracies - every information here stems from official sources only!
A group to share information and debate all sorts of topics including philosophy, social topics etc. - the original group had some awesome members
Debating group about cultural Marxism, Censorship, propaganda, the fake pandemic etc. The goal is to find ways to win the Cultural War. This is an open group - join and contribute. Rules: I will only kick out obvious trolls or those whose only contribution is name calling.
A group to discuss Critical Race Theory and other post-modernism, woke and social justice stuff. #criticalracetheory #crt #socialjustice #postmodernism #woke
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Jun 2015
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