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Professional comic book artist drawing characters such as Ben10, Doctor Who and various Marvel Hero's - I just love comics :) #comics #teamcomics #makingcomics #comicart #marvelartist #marvel #drwho #drwhoartist #superheroes #scifi mailing list

Here to make you smile :)

We are Capri Comics and our mission is to provide you refreshing comics. Sit back and relax, because your in the hands of Capri. Awesome supporters @asalmeron

#Comicsgate casual; technical author; illustrator; Cobra Night Watch trooper. On Twitter/Parler/Minds/Gab.

A person who enjoys comics, manga, anime and a video game YouTuber come check out my channel.

Founder of Conquest Comics. Creator of Xenotype and Wonder Island. I sell comic books and make people rich.

I am a Christian Comic book creator. Gun Ghoul is the first of my projects to be published by Dark Legion comics. I also have other titles coming out through Dark Legion comics. If you like good comics with no PC crap in it then these are the books for you. I also have a webtoon out. Please support me through my Patreon account, buying my product on Amazon, reading my webtoon, and spreading the word. God bless. #MAGA #Movetheneedle #Comicbooks #Anime #horror #darklegion #VoxDay

Dutch/Lover of comics/supporter of Indie books. #WolfPack Subscribe to my Youtube channel:

Aspiring comic book artist and writer. Avid gamer and anime fan. Liberty and freedom for all. Anti Censorship and anti authoritarianism. Not every Canuck is a cuck!

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