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Minds Engagement Giveaway #2

♻Rushofwaves♻Oct 8, 2018, 9:15:12 PM

This is a call to arms!! 

For all you Minders out there that would    like to be promoted in this giveaway, I am  offering an enrollment for those that would like their content placed fresh on my channel to be reminded and voted on        by all the participants. 

Get Ready For Remind and Up vote Contest Giveaway #2

Inspire Minds to grow with legit content

Content Creators

Last Time I received over 3200 up votes, over 600 reminds, and almost 10,000 views!! This is your chance to be placed on my channel for others to go bonkers on during the contest.

Send Your Tokens to @Rushofwaves - and in the order of least to most tokens donated you will be placed on my channel in that order. When the giveaway starts you will be in position to receive all the activity my channel gets. 

I will be choosing the content from your page that will be placed on my page. Bring out the big guns, your best you have to offer, and let it shine. 

Sparkle for your fellow Minds Community

These are channels that have already been added to the list

@GemStar7  @bobdub  @chesschats  @FloriaMagnifico  @delastman  @Willieleev1971 @RedDragonLS  @WrapHops

There is room for at least 20 more so hurry in and get listed on my channel for the up and coming engagement fest!!  Tag your favorite channels when you remind this post so they can get listed before commencement!

Activity Participants  (reminders/curators)

#1 Vote to your hearts content
#2 Remind your favorite posts

24 hours after the contest commences I will be counting all votes and reminds. Top participants will receive a percentage of my daily reward.

1st place : 40%

2nd place : 20%

3rd place : 10%

4th place : 5%

Remember that is tokens for just doing what you normally do, reminding and voting. 

Enter by showing you commitment to reminding, and remind this Blog!!

The more people involved the higher the stakes!!

The Event will take place the day after the content creator list reaches at least 20 channels. An alert will be posted to let all those that comment on this blog and future posts that the contest is starting! 

@Rushofwaves Promotions

Do you need future promotions?

 Don't forget to see my list of rewards. 

And of course my referral program, all found on my page.

shine bright

I hope everyone has the best day they can imagine!

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