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My youngest son was vaccine injured when he received multiple vaccinations at his one year well baby checkup. He ran a high fever for days and screamed uncontrollably like nothing I had ever heard. When the fever broke his personality seemed to leave with it. He lost words he was starting to say and didn't speak again till after his 3rd birthday. He still can only say a few single words and cannot carry on a conversation or relay how he feels or what he thinks. He also broke out in a horrible rash that started on his forehead and worked its way all the way down his body. He was miserable and started having meltdowns for hours. He would bang his head on things and nolonger wanted to be held or consoled. He lost eye contact and nolonger responds to his name. He lost his appetite and now will only eat a few things and refused to drink anything but milk. Before vaccinations he looked like the Michelin baby with rolls upon rolls and loved fruit and juice, which he won't even touch anymore. He was a happy baby and loved playing with his siblings. He nolonger wants to engage with other children and prefers to play alone. He stopped playing with his toys like a normal child and started lining things up. He spins and flaps and is very hyper now. He has sleep issues and only sleeps 4-6 hours a day most days. Since he turned 3 he has gotten more violent. Along with the head banging he has started biting, hitting and clawing people. Many people criticize me and say I'm crazy and there is no way vaccines caused my son's autism. I know in my heart that he was vaccine injured. I watched my happy, playful, healthy, baby boy change almost over night. Since I've started tell my story ive had so many parents tell me they experienced the same thing with their child. The CDC is in a lawsuit right now about withholding evidence on MMR/Autism link. There is a movie called Vaxxed from Coverup To Catastrophe playing right now that explains how they did it. The Vaxxed team is also traveling the country meeting parents like me and letting them tell their stories on film. They have a YouTube and Periscope channel and you can also find them on Facebook. I continue to tell my son's story and suffer through all of the harsh comments and criticism with hopes that someone somewhere will read it and a life will be saved. I can't take back what has happened to my son but I will continue to fight for your child. The pharmaceutical companies that produce these vaccines can not be help accountable for what they are doing and the needs to change, like yesterday! Thank you to anyone who shares and follows my son's story. #Vaxxed #HearUsWell #NotGoingAway

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