Hi, I鈥檓 Anna, I鈥檓 a writer, dreamer, nomad and travel addict originally from sleepy Suffolk in the UK. I quit my job in Dec 2012 and have been traveling slowly, independently and on a budget around India, Southeast Asia and Australia ever since. I fell in love with India and am now based there in Goa. I set up this blog to share my tips and experiences for traveling and working abroad to inspire and help you to travel more too.

Hi everyone! Having a blast here. A little about me: Conservative, Defender of the Republic, and conspiracy analyst. I you like my content Please like, sub, and share and I will return the kindness as long as your content follows my values.

Graphic artist passionate about fractal and 3d, UNIX / Linux systems architect and Open Source advocate for enterprises. Making a living online to live in a lost countryside of south asia with my family and our 6 dogs :) * * * Wall Of Fame (thank you all) @chesschats @JamesN @Kampagne @WELLZ @HanKha @AnonFPV @RedDragonLS * * * - = Benefactors = - (thank you for your outstanding support) Subscribe @JamesN for more amazing Gifs and art work鈥 - = * = -

I am just chasing the digital unobtainable... Great thanks to all my supporters - please subscribe to their channels: @chesscat @KateKN @koscar1 @GreenDeen @lindabouthillier

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Another opinionated No Name.

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Aug 2018
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