Arthur Nix

Adding Sense and Humor to an increasingly senseless and humorless world. Join us on our journey as we explore the concept of Liberty and the value of Entertainment in the ebb and flow of Society. Examine our ideas and share with us your own. Website:

Just a mama who doesn't have time to give fucks. Gives hugs, baked goods and devoted friendship. I ReMind stuff a lot. I don't always agree with it. Sometimes, it's bullshit or funny or thought-provoking or just ridiculous. However, since i encourage discussion, i ReMind it for others to discuss. I also routinely talk to myself on camera at and beg for shekels here:

YouTube Social Commentator. AntiFeminist. AntiSJW. Egalitarian. Autodidact. Wife. Mama…

Steven Crowder
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Glad I could help.

Gamer, Graphic Artist, Aspiring Content Creator, Demon. Pro-GamerGate. Anti-Censorship. Using my YouTube/Twitch channels as a tool for growth as well as an outlet for my hobbies and social interaction. :) SubscribeStar

Stay at home of 2! I love working out and speaking my mind.

I'm a centrist and a common man with a critical thinking

Sep 2016
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