Account created on: Jun 17, 2015, 10:24:52 PM I only post #Original #Content Looking for like minds, bored with the BS on fb and twitter. Keen photographer and videographer, My tools: DJI Inspire 1 Drone Canon 7D (Various lenses.) Check out the links below to see some of my interests. My Minds Groups: http://bit.ly/MindsDrones http://bit.ly/MindsPhoto http://bit.ly/MindsHRGiger http://bit.ly/MindsRetroGaming http://bit.ly/LVAmericasCup My Social Links: GuruShots: https://goo.gl/fx45ip http://bit.ly/ThyersYoutube http://bit.ly/ThyersFlickr http://bit.ly/ThyersDeviantArt http://www.Gab.ai/Thyers  Gaming Streams: Http://mixer.com/THYER5 Http://www.twitch.tv/THYER5

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you don't stop

Peace, Love and Anarchy. Nationalism Kills by the millions. Spontaneous Order. Mind your own business. Agorist. Homeschooler/Unschooler

Welcome to my channel I repost memes and call it my own. Also I post and discuss thought provoking subject to get better insights on what the topic(s) is. Been on #Minds since 2015 don't know why it says joined Nov 2020 but, I've seen many changes occur on here. And want minds to continue to grow and eventually rival the other tech monopolies. Free Speech is not just an American right but a human right as well. Subscribe to my channel for more content to come and make sure to follow my group I created to which will be beneficial for those who follow. Profits and Beyond https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/605850937986129923/feed

I am a creator. Love Earth & live forever.

founder of CALICO Unlimited, IndepenDance Productions, 100 & 41 Corporation, QalTeq Qompute, Scherzinger & Sullivan, et al.

Always silently screaming inside  But laughing often

You have to look through the darkness to see the stars.

May 2016
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