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The Minds Ethereum Community Pool Proposal

Phoebe AurumOct 20, 2018, 4:49:15 PM

M.E.C.P (Minds Ethereum Community Pool)

One of the big hurdles with withdrawing tokens on Minds is that it requires Ethereum and users who are just getting into crypto either don't have the money to invest in Ethereum with traditional currency or they don't want to go through the admittedly annoying and lengthy task of linking a bank account to an exchange.

I have spent a few weeks thinking up a solution and I think I have come up with a good idea. I call it M.E.C.P or Minds Ethereum Community Pool.

How it works is that a user will install a program called Win miner, which is a piece of Crypto Mining software designed specifically to run on low-end computers. One person installing this on one computer would net them a few cents a day but if several install it, the chance to make a modest sum becomes far more attainable in a shorter amount of time.

I have created an account specifically to host these computers and the specific goal will be to make Ethereum withdraws every time we make the minimum for a withdrawal (20 dollars). The ETH goes into a wallet where any user on Minds can request for two dollars worth of Ethereum once per month (assuming we have Ethereum to give) and I will send them that Ethereum.

If you are still interested and want to contribute to the program here are the steps.

Step 1:

Install Win miner. You can install it at https://www.winminer.com/.

Step 2:

When setting Win miner up the program will ask for an email address, you will type in [email protected] It will ask for a password as well, skip that step and go straight into starting the program.

Step 3:

The program may trigger anti-virus software, this is normal. Anti virus software, name the majority of Mining software as "PUPS" (Potentially Unwanted Programs). They are not actual viruses but is like such, if the program has trouble running you may have to free its files from an anti-virus quarantine and possibly white list the program. If you do not know how to do, any of those things just message me and I will coach you through the process.

Step 4:

Start the program and leave your computer on so it can run in the background. You can adjust some of the settings for how it runs but beyond that, you would need my password to make any real changes.


When using this software keep this in mind.

• When the program is running there is a feature that can restart your computer, turn the miner off, or even switch on or off specific mining hardware. I will never restart your computer under any circumstances.

DO NOT try to guess the password to the account or even try to change or adjust settings that need the password. The password is immune to social engineering and brute force tactics. On top of this, you would have to get past Google Authentication. If you try to reset the password, I will know.

• Laptops with bad ventilation should not run this program as it may overheat and cause a shutdown.

• Desktops running high-end hardware should avoid having Win miner on for an extended period as the program does not optimize itself well for powerful hardware. 

• Win Miner only runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10.

• Do not install Win miner on computers you do not own, government computers, and computers at your or anyone else's workplace. 

For what it's worth I want MECP to work out for users because I honestly want to help users acclimate to crypto and I think having the chance to briefly play around with Minds Tokens for free is a really good thing but I can't offer this service without a bit of help, so if you can. Please add your computer to the pool and see if you can help me help the users of this site with this particular issue.