My main interests include in no particular order dragons, horses, cats, computers, fantasy, video games, reading and writing. I am a rational person who has little to no tolerance for stupidity and irrationality.

Now is the only thing that's real.

Netizen with an interest in current events. Not the droid you're looking for. Se habla español ocasionalmente. Currently getting my masters in "Dad Jokeology"

A thinking man hoping to rise above petty differences and tackle the ever-present threat to free speech that exists today.

Hey there, you sexy possible attack helicopter you. I'm Stephanie, or you may know me a GeeGee, That Bitch, GamerGengar or Thunder Cunt. I'm a Video Game Journalist who puts their morals before their paycheck. You may have seen my work on Gamer Headlines, The Cliqist, and Plus Mana. After facing problems with censorship and shady dilemmas I've stepped away from mainstream journalism. Instead I've been working on my own website www.indiethoughts.com and a great little place at www.plusmana.com I live a happy life as an English Teacher in Sichuan China. ***Controversial Opinions*** Pro- #Gamergate I do not condone the harassment that allegedly came from Gamergate supporters. From personal experience I have found gators to be some of the kindest and most welcoming people in the gaming community. I appreciate their valiant efforts to hold Video Game Journalists to the ethical standard we should expect from all journalists. WAF/WomanAgainstFeminism or rather the modern day interpretation of feminism/radical feminism. Ask me if I want men and women to be equal and I'll say hella yes. I'm not blind to issues that affect women I simply see the bigger picture and don't believe in alienating 50% of the population. Anti-BLM/BlackLivesMatter I agree that black lives matter, just like every other shade of life. Doesn't mean I'll support a terrorist organisation. Especially one that actively causes animosity toward the black race by playing out every negative stereotype on camera for the world to see. ***F.A.Q*** Q. Are you a lesbian? A. Only on Fridays Q. Why do you hate women? A. I don't hate 'women', I just hate very specific women. Q. Are you single? A. I'm emotionally invested in someone. CONTACT . Hatemail/Fanmail/Death threats/Prayers for my soul: [email protected] (currently out of order due to windows 10 update) Business: LinkedIn or above email address. website: www.indiethoughts.com TL;DR: #Gamer #ESL #Teacher #Travel #VideoGameJournalism #GamerGate #WomenAgainstFeminism be aware that emails containing 'White' 'Privilege' and 'internalized misogyny' are auto deleted, thank you.

Goddess of the internet • magical girl with the power of words • fairy godmother to all roleplay characters • fierce fembot • muse of gaming • shield maiden

Hello yes im that LanderL9 lol, this channel will be similar to my youtube channel however this channel will be more horror themed. There will be exclusive videos on here not featured on my youtube channel

22 year old persuer of knowledge. I pride myself in being objective enough to have a civil conversation with any radical idea and then refute it with facts. And of course, the biggest target is religion and social justice, the two factors of society that have slowly degerated it through history. I also enjoy art, music and science, specially health sciences and mathematics.

Just your average corporate slave

Just a wanderer above the wastes. I make videos as an amateur shitlord, and occasionally post a witty comment or two. https://www.youtube.com/c/ScribeLight

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