Undocumented Libertarian II

Father; Husband; Retired Military; Pro-Constitution; Wanting to help heal the division the federal government as a whole has broken this great country; Pro-Build the Wall

The only thing that this channel needs to live is someone who keeps in laughing

Free speech loving libertarian. Pro gun, pro decentralisation

Long-time liberty activist. Two time Congressional candidate winning 2%-3% of the vote. Thus earning the nickname the Two Percenter. Hence the logo.

James Just
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Host/Director at Libertarian Counterpoint; Co-Host/Producer at Late Night Love; Producer/Director at Knuckleheads Of Liberty Podcast; Chair at Libertarian Party of Sacramento County

A lover liberty, laissez-faire economics,and a follower of Christ. This page is about presenting the ideas of classical liberalism, limited government, free market economics, localism, and traditional Christian values.

I love freedom, free markets, individual liberty and voluntary interactions between people. Teaching my kids to live by the NAP.

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Pro free speech, pro gun, pro gmo libertarian. #libertyunity

Libertarian free speech advocate, heathen, pro gun, pro science, pro GMO. It is not death that a men should fear but he should fear never beginning to live

Mar 2018
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