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Hello. I am someone who wishes they were a great philosopher, but all I do is write about random bullshit all day. I try to gather any drive I have in me to make at least one drawing. I also try to find a reason to live. I like weed and guns, so obviously I want to turn the US into Somalia. I take an interest in futurism and Trans-humanism, as well as the study of totalitarian regimes, be they Communist, Nazi, Fascist, etc. I also enjoy the studies of robotics and psychology.

Author of the Elektra's Revenge sci-fi series, comic novels, DISASTER FITNESS, and NEW this April: THE SEINE VENDETTA.

One does not simply find the droids you're looking for. --Voldemort (Star Trek)

Computer Science Student I sometimes make things

Business Owner & Executive Assistant Extraordinaire | Lover of Star Trek, Babylon 5, Korean Dramas, and The Fountainhead.

Software Engineer with interests in Aerospace, Robotics, Nano Technology, Paranormal, Cryptozoology & Life In Our Universe. I make tons of free educational content in coding / electronics / robotics. On occasion I rant against bad ideas!

Adam Jurkiewicz - education hacker, member of the informal group SuperbelfrzyRP. A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology courses from the Python programming language. Winner of the Wide Consent for Digital Skills Poland, trainer of the Python programming language, robotics, mechatronics, computer technology with particular emphasis on open educational resources and OpenSource software. Programmer, UNIX / Linux system administrator, creator of the FREE_Desktop educational remix - remix of the operating system for free people, legal and free for everyone - available at

Welcome to an unofficial Minds page of the Canadian Space Agency.

Star Wars & Cats

Mar 2017
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