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Bill Ottman
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Co-creator & CEO @minds

I am the worlds queerest anarchist and the universes most politically incorrect queer. I self identify as transgender, genderqueer, panarchist, syndicalist, genderfuck, lesbian, post-Marxist, voluntarist, libertarian socialist, Rothbardian, Bookchinite, Guevarist, Dadaist, genderfluid, genderflux, sex-positive feminist, mentally ill, contrarian, Yippie, goth, punk, riot grrrrl, gonzo journalist, provocateur, iconoclast, pill head, gadfly, dabbler, suburban guerilla, anti-imperialist, service dom, mommy dom, brat tamer, Christopagan, pervert, weirdo, lapsed Catholic, dyke, crazy cat lady and enemy of the state, among other things. I hate big business, big government, organized religion, borders, prisons, compulsory schooling and the state. I write for Attack the System, Counterpunch and Rational Review, and I run the most dangerous blog online, http://exileinhappyvalley.blogspot.com/

Student of anthropology and self sustainment

I’m a student computer programmer, gamer and I always side with the truth

In the place where you stood, the air's filling in. I search for a world where nets catch the wind..

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./} ./} ( - – ) (') (’))o ...occupy your heart... --- -.-. -.-. ..- .--. -.-- | -.-- --- ..- .-. | .... . .- .-. -

MintPress News
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Independent watchdog journalism covering imperialism, corporatocracy & civil liberties

WE ARE YOUR 99.99% True News Source AREN'T YOU TIRED OF ALL THOSE FAKE NEWS FEEDS? WELL! YOU'VE FOUND THE RIGHT GROUP TO KEEP UP WITH THE WORLD'S CURRENT EVENTS, WE OFFER FACT'S NOT FAKE NEWS AND OUR CONTRIBUTORS TRY TO KEEP SATIRE AWAY. Our mission is to bring awareness to any issue which challenges the security, sovereignty or domestic tranquility of our beloved nation, The United States of America 99.99% TrueWorldNews https://proamericaonly.org/index.php/group/1 99.99% True World NEWS https://mewe.com/page/5c80281ae250c4712ea079c0/settings

Pontiac, MI
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Aug 2017
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