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henlo. Not sure how you found this but I don't really post here often. I am however considering that I continue making art and start doing some meme stuff if I can make the time for it. Edgy retard who likes studying film and vidya gaems. I gave up on my dreams of being an artist so I can focus on STEM (you know, something that matters), particularly computer science, Biology, or robotics. me like fallout new vegas and da dark sos pls sned da noods

Nursing student by day, freak by night. 馃構 Side-note: Looking for a sugar daddy to spoil me! 馃槀馃檲馃槏

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This channel is offline. Cryptic, profound, inspiring and thought-provoking poems mixed with some impressive 3D graphics. Please enjoy the channel and expand your consciousness. KiBLS is poet and multimedia artist from germany. License informations: A complete overview with all poems (also for download) can be found here:

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Curly Jefferson is dead! BASIN SILT RECORDS (est. 2006) Vids and music from BSR and other bands/labels we have been involved in. SUPPPORT CREATORS! WE FOLLOW BACK ESPECIALLY MUSICIANS AND BANDS (not spammers...usually, i mean some spam is fun) THANK YOU FOR CHECKING US OUT! DEFINITELY SUPPORT @ottman SPECIAL THANKS TO: @legofreak446 @delastman @rufong @stevenjrocker @JohnMcKenzie

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