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🇩🇪Still on our spree of highlighting known and less known German planes, we bring you the Arado Ar 233. This multipurpose flying boat was conceived 1942 as a civilian airliner to be used after a German victory that never came. Development of the project shifted to German occupied France, where plans and mockups were captured in the wake of German retreat. Article by Leo Guo with artist concept illustrations by Ed Jackson. #nazi #history #aviation #aviationhistory
🇩🇪The Focke Wulf Falke was a high performance twin engine fighter designed by Kurt Tank in the late 1930s for Germany’s newly reorganized Luftwaffe. Despite the aircraft’s promising performance and advanced design, the Luftwaffe didn’t consider the aircraft a priority, and sourcing engines of adequate power was not easy in the intense political and competitive environment the Falke’s supporters attempted to navigate. This article by Medicman is being republished with updated illustrations by Art by Edo #nazi #history #aviationhistory #aviation
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