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PhilosopherRexJun 11, 2021, 4:39:37 PM

There are tens of thousands of phenotypes (expressed genes) that 'create' an individual. However, the external, visually observable phenotypes are but a tiny tiny fraction of the total for any individual. 

It is a scientifically proven genetic FACT that we are extremely genetically homogeneous as a species, despite our population size.  There are two main reasons for this: 1) The human species is very young; and 2) we travel broadly and interbreed very frequently on the genetic timescale (generations). 

Through trade, conflict, & mass migration, humanity has been interbreeding and spreading genes all over the globe for tens of thousands of years. Most of humanity naturally self-selects for breeding based on visual phenotypes, thus making us APPEAR to have certain "races", but the total spectrum of phenotypes is far far larger, than the visual spectrum of phenotypes - hence making our actual group differences visual only.

Boiled down the whole notion of "race" as having anything to do with ability or behavior is categorically FALSE. 

Truth: racism is a tool used by the oligarchy (those who rule, often behind the throne) to divide and conquer our highly homogeneous population in order to get us to war with each other for their profit and to distract us from realizing that the oligarchy is the real enemy of humanity.

These sheep who've accepted the lie, this false narrative of race put forward by the oligarchy, but who haven't studied or processed the implications of our global genetic homogeneity and who have accepted on faith alone that our visually observable phenotypes have something to do with an individuals ability or behavior ARE BRAINLESS IDIOTS

So if we are to choose to divide humanity, let it be into the camp of idiots (including the politicians & oligarchs) and the camp of free thinking individuals.