Open minded to everything barring believers in the mythology of religions. Lives by the maxim "Facta Non Verba"

Nobody Told Me There Would Be Days Like These

My name is One, Gamer Girl One! If you want to support me, please visit my shop on Clips4Sale and if you see something you like, buy ↪

Hmm...I wonder what's on this old dusty IDE drive I found stashed in the garage... Before Pornhub and Chaturbate...before Facebook and Instragram...hell, before MySpace...there were the Binaries Newsgroups! I don't do rope I do people, but i do them with rope! I've rigged for High fashion & pornographic magazines, serious movies, award winning music videos (MOBO video of the year). I've tied everyone from the girl next door to Lady Gaga to legendary porn stars, seen my work hanging in the Louvre Gallery and travelled the world teaching and performing bondage with my partner. Contact me for rigging, teaching and performance anywhere in the world.

We are Pirates of Dark Water, here to unite minds for our cause, we are here to save the world and no one will know it was us. We have been in the shadows watching and this is bout to get nuts We're here to stop injustice, and release the world from its cuffs, We stand up they fall, that is all, they are weak and we're tall, United to stand on our feet at the call to defeat any foe. Check out my rap blog. You must be incognito to view. Use a browser that can handle tor to web sites.


May 2017
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