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Calling All Imaginal Cells!

My Consciousness ProjectJun 6, 2016, 11:22:28 PM

A few days ago I stumbled across a Deepak Chopra video called 'Imaginal Cells', and I've been obsessed with the idea of them ever since.

Imaginal cells, for those who may not know, are found in the body of a caterpillar and hold the image, or the blueprint, of the butterfly it is going to become.

I love that idea so much...that something can hold an image of itself that is completely different from what it has always been.

And what I love even more is understanding that these imaginal cells don't ever give up. Despite the fact that they are perceived by the caterpillar's other cells as something foreign, so are under relentless attack by its immune system, the imaginal cells are programmed in such a way that they continue to multiply.  

And not only do they multiply, but they begin to resonate and find ways to connect with each other, until the caterpillar finally gives up its fight. It surrenders to the vision that the imaginal cells held for it, and becomes something even more amazing and beautiful than it was to begin with.

It becomes a butterfly.

So imagine if our beautiful planet is like the caterpillar...perfect as it has always been.

 And imagine if the 7 billion of us who live on it represent the cells of the caterpillar, all working together for our own and our planet's  benefit.

Well, that is, until suddenly we're not. Until suddenly (or maybe not so suddenly), some of us stop working for the greater good and the system begins to break down. And as the old system begins to falter,  chaos sets in, pitting cells against each other to the overall detriment of us all.

Luckily, however, among those 7 billion cells there are some imaginal cells as well.  And as chaos ensues around them, more of these imaginal cells begin to wake up. Slowly at first, but then faster and faster as they begin to resonate with each other.

Sadly, some of those to first awaken, although possibly the most courageous and visionary of us all, are killed off by those who fear them. Or fear their vision. 

Like in the 1960's.

But because the process of change has begun, there is no turning back. And though sometimes scorned and ridiculed for the vision they hold, the imaginal cells continue to multiply, finding different ways to connect and grow stronger. 

This gives me so much hope for the world!

Imagine when all of those who have woken up, the imaginal cells of humanity,  finally outnumber the cells still clinging to the old system, and the new vision becomes reality!

A reality that is more beautiful, more amazing, and more perfect than anything it's been so far. Just like the butterfly.

I can definitely imagine it, so I must be an imaginal cell!

In fact, all of us @minds must be imaginal cells because here we are.  Connecting. And resonating. And multiplying.

We just have to keep going, now, one imaginal cell at a time.