Having had numerous paranormal/UFO experiences, now an active UFO researcher/investigator with the Florida UFO Network, an affiliate of the Long Island UFO Network. Awaiting the release of wrongly persecuted LIUFON investigator John Ford. Learn more at the links provided. I am a strong believer in activism towards social/peace/environmental issues and have a suspicion that the UFO problem distracts otherwise potential activists from becoming involved with the issues that plague humanity and Mother Earth. Whether by design or otherwise has not been determined. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED !

I am working in a (CRP institute) as a Technical education teacher. I love my work even my all students is very happy with me. I read also books and I also read astrology books. One day I read Muslim vashikaran mantra and this topic is really unique. I also make different foods like south Indian and Indian. Now, I live in Los Angeles.

I am Mette from the USA. I am working as a desktop publishing editor. My main responsibility is for the style and content of the publication. Before a few days ago I met an astrologer and he consulted me about musalmani vashikaran, which was really adorable & interesting thing. I use computer software to design page layouts for newspapers, books, and other items that are printed or put online. I collect the text, graphics, and other materials.

I am Olivia from San Diego. I am working as a checker in the Thom McAn Store company. My strong interest in yoga,

I am Jessie and I am from New York. I am Teacher. In my free time, I collect information about astrology and want to explore the latest technology. This time I write a blog on surah muzammil wazifa for love, it is a really different topic which I found now and it is very interesting. I believe if you want to gain success in your life then self learn and trust yourself. I love to do a singing and swimming.

I’m an advertising photographer and image maker based in San Antonio,USA. I'm inspired by color, light and story. I was born in 1988 Basel and after several Years of Assisting outstanding Photographers and Directors I made my own way into digital imaging of dua to break boyfriend marriage .I like shopping, buying trendy clothes. Also I have a large collection of movies.

I am Alex, an experienced designer with a demonstrated history and outstanding international media recognition of working in the industry. Currently, I work part-time as an accounts payable clerk with Tantrik Baba In Jalandhar. Pairs unique artistic vision with up-to-date professional and technical skills and an understanding of business development.

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