I am a red blooded unapologetic AMERICAN whom believes in Freedom, Christianity and Small Government, IT and Role Playing. And yes I am also a gun owner.

We're developing open source industrial machines that can be made for a fraction of commercial costs, and sharing our designs online for free.

A proud pervy transgender who's into gaming and anime. Also a huge fan of Hatsune Miku. Sometimes post 18+ NSFW content like hentai gifs and pics. Very much egalitarian and against SJW and feminazis. Let the triggering begin XD.

Xuân Lan
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Quan tâm tin tức nóng, nổi bật Chả sợ gì , chỉ sợ già

3dDelve is named for epic fantasy Role-players who love to utilize miniatures and three dimensional terrain to realize a more immersive gaming experience. #DwarvenForge #D&D #Dungeons and Dragons #Roleplay #Tabletop #Miniatures #Pathfinder #Games

I'm a freelancer writer/IT Tech, a role-playing enthusiast and contributor to a few RPG projects, Linux user since 1996, Oh and an Avid fan of CryptoCurrencies.

Steven Crowder
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Base decisions on facts and not feelings. I have degree in criminal justice taught by professionals from the field not just someone just being a professor. I’m 27 and I believe in freedom and using common laws and regulations but our government has over stepped in so many ways. I’m here to share information and learn from many points of view, point out the good and the bad sides.

Mar 2018
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