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4. What He Learned From A Bully - I'm not Joking About This - Two

JamesMay 22, 2019, 11:08:14 AM

Who Do They Say I Am?

Perceptive Reader, This is the 4th page continuation of “What He Learned From a Bully”

One teaching tool that Fathers use are parables with hyperbole and imagination. This means they are not to be taken literally, but are still used with well placed equations, so to speak, to see if you can calculate the outcome. Like in the very first statement on the opening page, “WAIT a minute here!”

Did the story’s dialogue of LJ and his nemesis catch your attention?

Are you at this moment trying to figure out the outcome?

Now you can certainly see why fathers and mothers too, use such an intriguing teaching method!

There are additional neat stories of happy land and times I will share with you as well.

Some Earthly Stories and MORE Facts of Truth

With the above understanding, As a perceptive reader, you will also appreciate the Facts of Truth under the headings like: I’m not Joking Now

So in I’m not Joking about this important information for you to put on your thinking caps with the reasoning faculties turning!

There is a time to speak

You heard there is a time to be silent. There is also a time to speak. The prompting of 1 Peter 3:15. In this passage from the Good Book, It tells sincere ones to have deep respect and admiration for Christ, and to always be prepared to explain the reason why you do admire him and your hope (dream for some) for a better tomorrow and future.

Reason means reasoning with the person. Sincere believers use thinking ability in comfortable (calm) conversation with others who at times are agitated. Most men and women that are hurting from life appreciate coming to a conclusion of having this hope (dream for some) planted in their hearts without the use of machinations to force them to such a conclusion.

Thinking ability is used to talk about spiritual matters with reasoning people.

Are you a reasonable person?

◆ How do you handle disagreements?

◆ How important do you feel is communication?

◆ How important do you think honesty is in resolving disagreements?

When I read 1 Peter 3:15, there is this thought that comes up in mind with persons causing an unhealthy environment for me, “This person is not respecting my boundaries or faith right now; but maybe with open communication, this person will. At the very least, I have to still try to do my utmost to respect (Dignify as a creation of God) their boundaries”

What type of personality do you possess? Who are you?

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