Gab: Twitter: (suspended) Just trying to expose child abuse without censorship. #Pizzagate crew: @BestaPizza is a pedophile front @CometPingPong is a pedophile front & owned by @JamesAlefantis who fucks @DavidBrock who censors the internet @JohnPodesta is a pedophile @TonyPodesta is a pedophile @DennisHastert is a pedophile @JeffreyEpstein traffics kids @LauraSilsby traffics kids @SteveHuffman is CEO of #Reddit and protects pedophiles (is one?) & possibly a cannibal (seriously wtf?) @FakeNews is Newspeak used by the mainstream media to cover up Pizzagate History crew: @Confucius is a Chinese philosopher Fictional crew: @PerfectCell is literally a DBZ villain @Darkseid is literally a Superman villain
@PIZZAGATE doesn't offer any memberships