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How to Recover the Deleted Telegram Messages on iPhone?

PCTech24Oct 23, 2018, 3:59:20 AM

Usually, we people have the habit of wiping the chats with our friends, colleagues, or other but many times, we realize that the chat that has been deleted holds a vital message. In those circumstances, we left with no option except regretting. However, getting rid of such concerns is easy now. Yep! Just by learning the ways provided by experienced Apple Tech Support mavens, you’ll be able to get your telegram messages back.


As per the definition – It is a cloud-based instant messaging & voice over Internet Protocol service. Allowing the users to have a good and instant chatting experience, Telegram flourishes as an excellent texting tool of today’s online platform.

Unfortunately, there are a number of incidences when you, your kids, or someone else may (intentionally or mistakenly) delete your Telegram messages. Worse – sometimes, the deleted conversation might include important information which (if lost) can leave you with a lot of issues. This is why there is a need to learn the ways to recover the erased telegram messages.

Top Ways to Recover Your deleted Telegram Messages

Now, when you have understood the importance of being familiar with the tips/ ways to get your erased messages back, let’s go through them.

Recovering from your texts is possible in three (3) ways:

• By using the Notification history

• With help of iCloud backup

• With aid of iTunes backup

Now, let’s learn the step-by-step process of retrieving the telegram messages with each of the aforementioned ways. The below step-wise, clear, and simple guide by Apple Technical Support experts will aid in the same.

Steps to Retrieve the Telegram Messages by Using Notification History

• Visit the official app store and from there, download the Notification History App

• Configure its settings to control your iPhone

• Tap ‘OK’ to allow notification access

• By doing this, you’ll reach a new page on which you have to look for and choose ‘notification history’ you want to access

• Ultimately, it will permit you to recover your deleted messages by once again reaching to the notification history.

Steps to Retrieve the deleted Telegram Messages by using iCloud backup

This way of getting your messages back is really simple. Here, you can access your chats easily just with the proper usage of the iCloud account. What you need to do is:

• Sign-in into your iCloud account

• Select the ‘messages’ option

• After finding the messages that you want to restore, select ‘turning off’ option present in the iCloud’s settings

• After that, navigate the ‘Merge’ option. Selecting this will let you get each and every deleted message back on your phone.

Steps to restore the deleted messages by using iTunes backup

This is also an easy way to obtain the deleted messages back on your iPhone. Steps to accomplish this process are as follows:

• Take your iPhone and connect it to the iTunes existing on your PC

• Open up the needed dialog box

• Locate and choose the ‘restore’ option. It will take all the backup files, data, messages onto your device

Note: This procedure will work only if you have enabled automatic backing up of your text messages. So, there is a need to carry out regular checking of the option which allows your device to keep automatic back up of your data. It must be ‘ON’ always.

To conclude: Certainly, the proper accomplishment of the aforementioned process will once again provide you with your formerly deleted Telegram messages. However, if any trouble in carrying out the steps is preventing you from getting your data back, contact the certified Apple Support professionals. The mavens can also be consulted if you want aid for any other concern with your iPhone or Telegram app.