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"The extent to which the LD50 Gallery’s former foes will be induced to contribute more free content to CORPOREALITY, which is open through May 22, remains to be seen. My bet is it will all go sailing over their troubled heads. As of this writing, only a few indignant comments about the gallery’s shocking re-opening have materialized—Shut Down LD50 has issued a new blog post and a few statements to the local media, but their hearts just don’t seem to really be in it. Still, the Chief Innovation Officers at KWALY are doing their best to evangelize their cause by “calling out leftists in Dalston for complicity in fascism if they don’t turn up to shred objectionable material,” as TV KWA told me. [...] Alas, the real KWALY’s of the world—the well-capitalized news platforms, socially-responsible corporate marketers, university-massaged filter bubbles, and multitude of billionaire-backed non-governmental organizations that socialize our rotting reality—have not yet decided to direct their gaze back to the tiny art gallery in East London. In any event, LD50 Gallery can claim a victory: it either overcomes its censors to operate again with impunity, or it makes its enemies prove its point." http://jacobitemag.com/2017/05/26/life-and-death-on-the-content-farm/
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Corporeality (at LD50): "an utterly unnerving and enthralling installation, easily the rawest, best thing going in the bland, businesslike, soft-left world of London art." http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/inside-frogtwitters-dark-artistic-mind-where-nihilistic-satire-meets-fierce-intelligence-1621353
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