I was sarcastic then skeptical and swiftly moved to cynical. Now I am all three. So I have joined For Britain. Oh and say hello to Bertie and Eva my cats Check Out These Awesome Folk @Caroline144 @thatwildo @myincal @Aragmar @DrtyGrl @NigelDownUnder @SpiffyLynn And so many more i can't add them all
Cheshire Cat Studios is the home of what we hope is a mix of artistic integrity and dry humour. We share a passion for movies, games and other mediums but are looking to spread our reach into more original content in the future: investigative videos, satirical comedies, and animated podcasts.
Ben Garrison is an independent political cartoonist from Montana. He has been published in newspapers and online at Zerohedge.com, Breitbart.com, Politico.com, Slate.com and InfoWars.com.
Covering The Madness
Primarily lurking, but might have comments over time. Any quotes attributed to S. Quinn are my own best wording of the idea. Feel free to quote them as long as the quote is not altered and attribution is maintained.
Vanilla complicated
Xin Chào, tôi tên Tân, hãy Tương Tác nha❤️
RedPillTalk ://www.facebook.com/pages/Red-Pill-Talk/987133427984267 (coming soon). RedPillTalk will be a live stream on the platform ps 4 via Twitch. The goal of this Live broadcast will be to talk to the online community and enlighten them and motivate the young to be more aware of the real life around them. Wether this be politics, religion, world problem, news, crimes, personal issues, etc., all of this to help those who are still trapped in the video game matrix. Anyone can do this so Iencourage anyone with similar goals to help illuminate the children, teens, young adults, etc.
Tattoo, graffiti and fine artist working in Philadelphia
For Britain is a new political party in the UK in favor of, free markets, free speech, secular, dedicated to preserving the best of Western culture from the dual attacks by the extreme left with 'social justice' and the extreme authoritarianism of political Islam If you live in the UK please consider joining the party. Donate to help fund it, and anyone can share the posts and tell others about this fight against tyranny. Follow on https://twitter.com/AMDWaters https://twitter.com/ForBritainParty facebook http://www.forbritain.uk/
Proud English Patriot. Trump, Brexit, Israel, Anti Islam, Anti Liberal, Anti LGBT Agenda (not Anti Gay), Pro Family. Join the resistance!. Also on Gab, Instagram, Twitter and BlabPad.
Oct 2016
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