Hello, I enjoy music of all shades, my (eclectic selection of) musical instruments, politics, the British Islands, geography, history, the former empire, its achievements and the great figures we have produced over the century's. The former British Rail, its rail network and capital stock. I have an electrical and military back ground and traveled to some far out places.

Welcome to an unofficial Minds page of the Canadian Armed Forces — those who confront death, who safeguard the nation as the nation slumbers. NEMO ME IMPUNE LACESSIT.

SUBSCRIBE & REMIND Postings of real news, comics/memes, and videos pertaining to the following: Anti-SJW, -BLM, -ANTIFA, -MSM, -modern feminism, -censorship, -Sharia Law, -illegal immigration, -immigrant non assimilation, -extremism (Islamic or any other), -racism (not the Leftists' definition), -Democrat, -liberal higher education, -white male apologist, -forced multiculturalism Pro-truth, -critical thought, -common sense, -free speech, -civil debate, -progressive conservatism, -modern nationalism, -military, -women, -decency, -gun rights, -MAGA, -U.S. Constitution, -animal rights, -environment, -limited government "A man who will not die for something is not fit to live." ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

A skeptic of all things. Politics, Feminism, and science deniers give fodder to my rants. What is this Channel? Skepticism to one side of an issue is not skepticism. This describes a form of pseudoskepticism or bias. When confronting an issue, the default position for a skeptic is 'I don't know.' For instance, you cannot claim to be a skeptic if you are skeptical that smoking causes cancer, but are also not skeptical of smoking not causing cancer. A skeptic would claim, 'I don't know' , then look at the evidence of both sides. Unfortunatly, we live in a time when it is common to be a partisan part-time pseudoskeptic and claim neutrality. I bring this up because I have had discussons with self-proclaimed skeptics, who also prescribe to questionable positions. Outside of their protected beliefs they seem perfectly rational; however, question basic tenants and they quickly shut down. While I have become frustrated at these occurances, I reflect on my own biases and realize that perhaps I too have such protected beliefs waiting for a truly skeptical person to question. There have been many conversations where others poke holes in my position. Till I reach a more knowledgeable source, I ponder at my own bias. It intrigues me that a position that I thought was bulletproof could not hold to the smallest of attacks. All this being said, I am going to use this platform to challenge my own biases as well as the biases of others. I encourage anyone to disagree with me even if it's only as the devil's advocate. While it feels nice and cuddly when people agree with me, I would rather be correct (or as correct as anything can be). Thanks for subscribing and don't forget to support if you can.

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i'm that loud girl with FAS from youtube and what is this

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Aug 2016
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