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Wakefield Selectmen Ken Paul BIO:

GovOversiteApr 12, 2019, 4:14:45 PM

TITLE: Selectmen 

COUNTRY: The United States of America

STATE: New Hampshire

COUNTY: Carroll

TOWN: Wakefield

Kenny Paul is one of three Selectmen of Wakefield New Hampshire.  His term expires in 2020. 

In New Hampshire Selectmen are the equivalent of a mayors and most smaller towns have three minimum. A town can opt to have up to a five member board. A larger area will have a city council. To change the makeup of the board from three to five,  petitioners, or twenty six residents, submit a petition warrant article that will appear on the ballot at election. The entire town would vote on any change. Having three selectmen are designed to spread the power structure across more then one person. Their terms are are also overlapping. This helps assure continuity and provides an adequate separation of power on the board. In New Hampshire the legislative body is the town and the select board are the managers of town operations and budget.