Neuroscience articles covering science research in neurology, AI, deep learning, psychology, robotics and other cognitive sciences are offered and welcome.

I am a cook, amateur bartender, and bridal representative. I will talk with, listen to, and/or share ideas and experiences with anyone. I like to hike, listen to live music and stand up comedy, get creative with food dishes, try any food (unless it involves insects), drive, organize everything (parties, businesses, my room, etc.), travel, learn, and I am especially into neuroscience. Chat with me, tell me about you, help me learn!

Just another non-invertible element of a cyclic ring. A Cypherpunk in one of the timelines.

Since 1973 my life near electronic systems computers, computer networks, neural networks. I no longer know if they control me or I control them.

Curmudgeonly bibliophage, pangaean, and F/LOSS geek. Background and professional career in the cognitive and computing sciences. Having successfully engineered my bold escape from the daemonic clutches of academia, I am now co-founder, co-director, and resident historian at Radio Days Ltd, passionate about the social, political, and cultural history of Europe, c1870 to c1945, that extraordinary era when the world became 'modern'.

Curious, terrible writer, lover of the oxford comma, amateur culture ninja.

Metalhead and Sports Enthusiast 🧠🤘⚽

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=== Study and Research === ⚫ Artificial Intelligence: » swarm intelligence » bio-inspired computing » evolutionary computation ⚫ Robotics: » swarm robotics » modular robotics » self-assembling / self-reconfiguring robotics === Big Fan Of === ⚫ Actors: » Andrew Lee Potts » Lee Pace » Jake Gyllenhaal » Jared Leto » Zach McGowan » Jeremy Renner ⚫ Bands: » Bon Jovi » Roxette » 30 Seconds To Mars === Hobbies === » vampire and aliens books and movies » Ingress, Pokemon Go === Food === » Vegetarian ;) === Languages === » Portuguese » English » German » Spanish === Sports === » Judo » Volleyball » Ju Jutsu ...

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