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Youngest Doctors Of Their Times Who Prove To Just Go With What Interests Them

NerdsAndScienceAug 30, 2018, 10:51:07 AM

It just would’ve been easier for all of us if we had known what our interest are and what we can excel at and just put us on that direction, however, that particularly we have to figure out on our own. In the beginning when you are all about enjoying life as you just are a teenager, is actually the moment in life when you have to make some actual difficult decisions in life. What subjects to choose in A-levels or get over with SATs and on to choosing the course wanting to major in university? What it requires is an undoubted thought process which needs time, taking time out for your own self is the beginning of making any serious decisions. Rushing onto things can never work out as in future if you realize that this isn’t just what you want then going back to change everything will never work out as smoothly as taking the right steps at the right time does.

It’s true that our grades don’t make a difference if you fail once but does help us in a lot of ways. Yes, the times have changed and it’s not how it used to be when you were considered to achieve everything at a young age. Either way, you are appreciated, if you are a graduate at 20 or at 30, its okay, as long as you have found who you want to be and stuck to it until achieved. If this isn’t the inspiration for you to follow your dreams than I don’t know what is. Any age can be a goal age to achieve everything or anything, the only problem is stopping, just never stop. That being said, there are few people who stuck to their instincts and to their interests and just got out of it all with much education and such a young age:

1- Akshay Venkatesh - Received his doctorate just when he was 20 years old. At the age of 11, Venkatesh won a bronze medal at the International Physics Olympiad. At the age of 13, he was the youngest student ever to have received first class honors in mathematics. Storming through even when Venkatesh wasn’t even a teenager. Venkatesh later became a Clay Research Fellow and then a professor at Stanford.

2- Sergei Eremenko - Received his Ph.D. at the age of 24, he became Doctor of Engineering at the age of 29. Along with achieving so much at a young age when most of us are confused whether to change careers, Sergei Eremenko even went out to become one of the youngest professors in the world just at the age of 31. Along with accomplishing what some people dream of, Sergei Eremenko likes to be a multi-tasker and to keep things interesting has been working on various projects in Ukraine, Russia and later Australia, from space and military projects to models of spacetime and gravity, solitonic models in nature and mathematics, atomic machine learning and robotic trading systems for financial markets while consulting for multinational companies like HP, Fujitsu, Fuji-Xerox, Challenger, ABC, Tabcorp, and ANZ.

3- Erik Demaine - Received his bachelor’s degree at the tender age of 14. That was just the beginning for Demaine. Demaine had homeschooled and developed an early interest towards computers. Then set out to get a Ph.D. which then followed by him being the youngest ever professor at the age of 20. Most of his work is in ancient Incan language, computational origami, etc.

Young age is something when most things don’t make sense, but by being diligent and preserve you can end up not only achieving what you set out to achieve but also accomplishing it in miraculous ways.