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Keeper of the secrets, maker of 3D art & smut, speaker of words, thinker of thoughts, player of games, miner of salt. The original PROvert PhD. Streams every Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday from 3 PM - 7 PM CST
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What is better -- to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort? --Paarthurnax

Here's the deal: I post babes and every now and then I put something on blast. I give you my time by posting, you give me your attention on the blasts. Deal? Subscribe. In case you wish to know the names of any of the beauties posted here, in most chromium based browsers simply right-click the image then select "Search Google for Image" or it's equivalent and there you go.

"Perry Mason robot with tits" -- meant as an insult but accurate. I don't censor or moderate. I do criticise, unflinchingly. Caveat emptor.

Best Selling Author. Lover of hedgehogs & Freedom.

MRA with nice tits Come talk to me.Give me your sweet sweet attention! Say hi on Instagram setro_chewek

Amateur provider of word-stuff. Blogger and ACTION A GOGO contributor. May ruin movies and childhoods.

Edmontonian. Antifeminist. Free speech advocate. Cannabis enthusiast.

Father, Game Collector, YouTuber, Amateur Artist, Amateur Musician & Submarine Veteran. Trevgauntlet owner. Heavy on inside jokes. Ask for PSN & Steam. I'm gonna try to make this a more SFW account.

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Aug 2016
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