Husband, Father, Gamer! also Catholic. I like to keep my mind sharp. I love games of all kinds, non-violent, very violent, platformers, story driven, horror, retro, you name it! I love posting Let's Play, and gaming related videos, and I do live streaming. 🕹 🕹 🎮!/v/nathansifugaming 🎮 🔴 👾 And if you felt like support me ❤️ Merch: Mine some Monero (Crypto Currency) for me: Donation: #VidmeLegacy #MindsGaming #GabGaming #BitchuteGaming #Gaming
Okay, so Unless somebody informs me otherwise, I'm not exactly seeing the benefit of directly uploading my videos to minds. I thought perhaps seeing the play icon would increase the likelihood of getting a view, but that doesn't seem to be the case, plus I don't really like that you can't show a thumbnail along with it, so I think I'll go back to posting the bitchute links! #Gaming #letsplay #retrogaming #MindsGaming 🕹 Earthworm Jim HD (Down the Tubes) Let's Play! #3
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