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Spiritual Eyes to See

NadirSaintPrixAug 1, 2018, 3:50:36 PM

God has given us eyes to see both physically and spiritually.

As a child, many of us were able to see into the spirit world. Our imaginations were unobstructed by rules, regulations and belief systems.

We were pure at heart. As the years passed we tend to put aside the ability to see in the spirit world. Life has us experiencing our earthly reality and forgetting our spiritual eyes to see.

So as the years go by our spiritual eyes get shut down, some slightly while others, completely. Sometimes fear enters, we might have seen things we didn’t understand so we made a vow not to see.

Then our enemy comes – powers and principalities – cause us to vow again and again. These vows affect our eye gate.

Then after many years of neglect, your eye gate will appear like a castle that hasn’t been entered in for centuries. The garbage of life can be seen all around, some walls aren’t standing, it’s full of cobwebs and dust. The gate looks in shambles.

It might even look like it has been in the middle of a war zone, having complete structures demolished.

Seeing the condition of one’s eye gate can bring tears to one’s eyes. This happened to me.

What had I done?

As I looked around it looked like an impossible task to bring back my eye gate to the place the Father had created it to be. To its original design. How can I bring back the splendor and glory this place once had?

To transform the ruins of my eye gate I will need to:

Have a new mindset.

Renounce all vows.

Identify false belief and negative thoughts that I had embraced

Find out Godly truths to the negative beliefs.

Practice daily to see.

Daily practice brings restoration

As one journeys the path of restoration you will begin to see more and more. For some, it might not be an easy road.

If your destiny is to be a prophet or a pioneer in your bloodline, the enemy will put a lot of stumbling blocks and resistance along the way. Trying to convince you that you cannot see. Making you lose all hope of ever seeing spiritually again.

If you lose hope the accuser will go to the Court of Heaven (COH) telling the Father, see he or she believes that they cannot see. They don’t trust you. Don’t restore their sight. They don’t believe your word.

The following audio "I Can See" is Ian Clayton journey from not seeing to the restoration of his spiritual sight. Ian went all out to recover his sight.


Each journey is different. What will be yours?

How can I tell the condition of my eye gate?

Do you only see a black screen when you close your eyes?

When you try to imagine something you mostly see a black screen or only see a black screen?

You look at a picture, close your eyes and try to see the picture. Are you seeing something?

You close your eyes and try to visualize your husband, wife, closest friend and you cannot see them.

People whose eye gate are close sometimes report a lack of dreams.

I pray that God bless your eyes to see and ears to hear Him.