Classic Liberal / Liberal republican/moderate Things I support : Logical and critical reasoning. Reals before feels. Respect for ALL regardless of Ethnicity, Gender, Sexuality, Life Affirming Religions. Equality of Opportunity or personal Beliefs. The freedoms afford us by both the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States , especially Life ,LIberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. (Oh Happiness is not a RIGHT, but being allowed to seek this IS.) Peaceful Protest. Secured Borders. Due Process. Smaller, more efficient, Military. removal of the 'nanny' state. If a person is stupid enough to do something dumb that results in harming or killing themselves, they should be allowed to earn that Darwin Award... but don't penalize us Non-Idiots with nothing more than a "Participation" ribbon. True Equality of Opportunity. Things I do NOT support Modern 3rd wave militant feminism. The Current incarnation of Black Lives Matters. Hillary Clinton. Affirmative Action and EOE 'quotas'. 56 different 'genders' ( Hey Morons,. there are only three 'genders' , Male , Female and Hermaphrodite.. all others are sexual preferences or kinks.. not GENDERS ) Transgenderism is a mental condition (Gender Dysphoria) but Trans people should not be degraded for this. IF a dude wants to be a lady and isn't causing any harm , likewise if a lady wants to be a dude, same thing. All others are sexual preferences. That being said, If they aren't causing anyone personal or financial harm, go for it ). Elitism -- thinking you are intrinsically better than somone else and , therefore , right to treat them like shit. aka 'asshattery' . Sympathy and making excuses for criminals. That includes not sending actively and aggressively and the Glorification of the 'thug' culture in Urban Black America.
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