Host of The Mysterious Bluffs, a free-think fiction podcast that lampoons politics to the paranormal. The monthly episodes are serial fiction and current issues all rolled into one. Will Russian Interference influence your favourite football player? Will eased pot laws make life tougher on Billionaires? Is the local supermarket really a mind-control cult? Are aliens messaging us in our dreams? Visit https://www.themysteriousbluffs.com
The Mysterious Bluffs Fiction Podcast: New Episode Grace, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, disappears after sailing off to the Caribbean with famous self-help author Capt. Jameson.. Teddy Vander-grass, a documentarian who is making a film about the author, follows the leads to the Dominican Republic, where he discovers secrets about the pair, and a deeper mystery that only political correctness may be able to solve. #comedy #podcast #fiction #satire #parody https://soundcloud.com/user-934927078/e17-grace-3
Some days are quieter than others. #minds #landscapephotography #landscapes #news
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