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I've just blocked myself, I'm not putting up with this shit either!

No gods. No masters. I am THE Great White Satan! Individualist Pro-kink Pro-capitalist Pro-free speech and thought Anti-collectivist Anti-communist Anti-islam Anti-you

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A picture is worth a thousand words (ॐ) Transforming AЯT into R3volution of L*v3 I tһїŋĸ ĩŧş Łð√₤ In case you'd like to support the channel Bitcoin directly 1DiTz96N6H69AWGKcKZ9x7NDQhTz5cQV8o

I crush coke cans with my bare hands.    I tamper with evidence.

💙Trump Administration, VP JFK, Jr., LPI, DOJ-A, Cyber Security, LSS 🛡️+ INTEL:

I'm at best an annoyance and at worst an influence. Ignore me or suffer the consequences. If you want a reply, you must tag me with @americancheese

Alternative histories, NWO Conspiracy theories, End-Times Prophecy, UFOs, and Occult forces. I create content, presented without bias, and researched with due deference. I don’t resort to the formula of using the recycled images, and the dramatic music that we’ve been conditioned to expect when discussing these subjects. My approach is very different, but I firmly believe that these types of issues can stand on their own when treated with impartiality. My commitment is to deliver consistent, quality, original content about the most fascinating topics in the world, and to do so in a succinct articulate manner free from prejudgments or sensationalism

Oct 2016
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