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Gynecomastia Scars Treatment

Monica6Aug 7, 2018, 1:33:55 PM

What are the usual scars like after gynaecomastia Operation:

There are 2 types of scars after the gynecomastia operation:

1. Liposuction scars: operation of the chest is often done as a part of gynecomastia operation. Liposuction is done through small cuts 4 millimeters in size and usually 1-2 on each facet. After healing marks left are usually only spots of a 4-millimeter size that are like any pimple place. In some individuals, they are dark initially but eventually become pale and virtually invisible to see or touch.

2. Nipple scar: for gland removal. Gland removal is often required without liposuction. A scar is 2 cm long within the dark nipple areola. This is closed with absorbable sutures usually and it is virtually invisible.

Normal vs Abnormal Gynecomastia scars:

Normal gynecomastia scars are virtually invisible to others -- both the breastfeeding and liposuction scar.

Scars can sometimes be bothersome:

1. Liposuction Spots: When waxing stains stay dark or becoming elevated -- This is determined by person skin inclination to make scars. Treatment is available in form of creams, lasers for darker scars and steroid injections for elevated scars.

2. Nipple Scars: Nipples may seem submerged and abnormal appearing if extensive gland excision is done. From time to time, nipples scars can be dark and elevated.

3. Chest Scars: Occasionally, surgeons that have less expertise or may not be qualified, may make scars on the chest apart from the above-mentioned types of scars

One essential, therefore, that something is done about the gynecomastia surgery scars. The various ways of eliminating the scars are as follows:

1. Avoid the scars in the first place by deciding on the correct and qualified plastic surgeon. Research is the key.

2. Discussing the scars by seeing and researching about individuals who have faced the similar sort of scars and that obtained it rectified with the surgeon.

3. Certain scars can also be avoided in a couple of cases. Discussing with your physician helps to a great extent by making them understand that you could have a history of bad scars.

4. If you become aware of scars, immediate rectification needs to be made. Informing your physician is the first step. According to the nature of the scars, treatments are granted. Creams, silicone gel sheets, injections, and lasers are a number of the typical treatments done to eliminate scars. The final choice if none of these work is Scar Revision operation.

Consequently, if you want to choose an operation, be advised to ask your doctor the ideal questions. It is also important for you to have patience as with the time the scars will decrease and the feel of the skin is going to become even.

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