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Jesus said, "Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you."

Sail beyond the horizon; fly higher than you ever thought possible; magnify your existence by helping others; be kind to people and animals of all shapes and sizes; be true to what you value most; shine your light on the world; and be the person you were born to be. came partly from a realization that the entire world is run by gangsters in one form or another. not long after having this epiphany i came up with the idea to get the website (i thought it was funny because that's what gmail stands for right? and i could setup my own email server with email addresses [email protected]) anyway i couldn't afford the nearly $3,000 dollars they wanted for the domain, so i waited. eventually some genius decided to whip up new top level domains and make them available to the people of earth. i happened to be browsing clever website names and couldn't help but notice the .sexy tld. put gangstermail and .sexy together for the rock bottom price of 22 bucks and my website target="" rel=""> was born! the motto "redefining gangster" is my solution to the problem of an entire planet being riddled with gangsters. if you have ever tried to live among a seemingly endless army of gangsters you know the only way you can is with laughter otherwise you will be crushed or just disappear. just saying out loud still makes me smile :} by redefining a concept you are able to give it new life and direction. for example when a younger person says "damn that's gangster", anyone who has been through some gangster shit knows it isn't. therefore if we use gangster to describe things such as being a good role model and holding family, heart and realness to the highest regard we are effectively redefining gangster and making the world a better place for all. now that's gangster gangstermailsexy 膽岷縩 m峄檛 ph岷 t峄 m峄檛 nh岷璶 th峄ヽ r岷眓g to脿n th岷 gi峄沬 膽瓢峄 膽i峄乽 h脿nh b峄焛 c谩c b膬ng 膽岷g trong m峄檛 h矛nh th峄ヽ n脿y hay c谩ch kh谩c. kh么ng l芒u sau khi t么i 膽i C贸 esta Epiphony Up v峄沬 nh峄痭g suy ngh末 膽峄 c贸 膽瓢峄 nh峄痭g trang web (i ngh末 r岷眓g n贸 l脿 h脿i h瓢峄沜 膽贸 l脿 nh峄痭g g矛 gmail B峄焛 v矛 膽峄﹏g cho 膽煤ng? v脿 t么i c贸 th峄 thi岷縯 l岷璸 m谩y ch峄 email ri锚ng c峄 t么i V峄沬 膽峄媋 ch峄 email [email protected]) d霉 sao t么i kh么ng th峄 膽峄 kh岷 n膬ng g岷 3.000 膽么 la h峄 mu峄憂 cho t锚n mi峄乶, v矛 v岷瓂 t么i ch峄 膽峄. cu峄慽 c霉ng m峄檛 s峄 thi锚n t脿i quy岷縯 膽峄媙h roi l锚n c谩c t锚n mi峄乶 c岷 cao m峄沬 v脿 l脿m cho ch煤ng c贸 s岷祅 cho ng瓢峄漣 d芒n c峄 tr谩i 膽岷. t么i t矛nh c峄 膽ang duy峄噒 t锚n trang web th么ng minh v脿 kh么ng th峄 kh么ng ch煤 媒 膽岷縩 .sexy tld. gangstermail v脿 .sexy 膽岷穞 l岷 v峄沬 nhau v峄沬 m峄ヽ gi谩 d瓢峄沬 膽谩 c峄 22 USD v脿 trang web c峄 t么i ra 膽峄漣! Ph瓢啤ng ch芒m "膽峄媙h ngh末a l岷 gangster" l脿 gi岷 ph谩p c峄 t么i cho v岷 膽峄 c峄 to脿n b峄 h脿nh tinh b峄 th峄g v峄沬 b峄峮 c么n 膽峄. B岷 膽茫 bao gi峄 th峄 n岷縰 膽峄 s峄憂g m峄檛 d瓢峄漬g nh瓢 v么 t岷璶 Trong qu芒n 膽峄檌 c峄 x茫 h峄檌 膽en b岷 bi岷縯 c谩ch duy nh岷 b岷 c贸 th峄 l脿 v峄沬 ti岷縩g c瓢峄漣 N岷縰 kh么ng, b岷 s岷 ch峄 bi岷縩 m岷 ho岷穋 b峄 nghi峄乶 n谩t. ch峄 n贸i th脿nh ti岷縩g v岷玭 khi岷縩 t么i m峄塵 c瓢峄漣 :) b峄焛 x谩c 膽峄媙h l岷 m峄檛 kh谩i ni峄噈 b岷 c贸 th峄 膽峄 cho n贸 s峄憂g v脿 h瓢峄沶g 膽i m峄沬. v铆 d峄 Khi m峄檛 ng瓢峄漣 tr岷 n贸i "ch岷縯 ti峄噒 膽贸 l脿 x茫 h峄檌 膽en" B岷 c峄 ai 膽茫 th么ng qua m峄檛 s峄 shit x茫 h峄檌 膽en bi岷縯 n贸 kh么ng ph岷 l脿. Do 膽贸, n岷縰 ch煤ng ta d霉ng 膽峄 m么 t岷 s峄 v岷璽 x茫 h峄檌 膽en: ch岷硁g h岷 nh瓢 l脿 m峄檛 t岷 g瓢啤ng t峄憈 v脿 gi峄 gia 膽矛nh, tr谩i tim v脿 t铆nh th峄眂 t岷 膽峄 c谩c quan cao nh岷, ch煤ng t么i 膽ang x谩c 膽峄媙h l岷 x茫 h峄檌 膽en v脿 l脿m cho c贸 hi峄噓 qu岷 tr锚n th岷 gi峄沬 th脿nh m峄檛 n啤i t峄憈 膽岷筽 h啤n cho t岷 c岷. b芒y gi峄 膽贸 l脿 x茫 h峄檌 膽en Minds Images Heros that have a place to stand!! FretzCapo's Channel Spotlight The Happiness Club! crop circles MemeWars DREAMS & NIGHTMARES Fluoride II Fluoride *Gno- End The War On Drugs Unfuck The World OPEN CHAT Minds User Group CHARdmp Linux grub chemtrails/atmospheric meddling SMASH YOUR TV! some other websites i support:

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