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Ethereum ; New Low, and Why that..Makes me Smile!

🌸MK22🌸Jul 13, 2019, 8:55:49 PM

Welcome back, to My Opinions on Ethereum, and the #Crypto Currency World. With your Hostess, 🌸MK22🌸 2019, July.

If you have been waiting for me to tell you when is the best time to invest in the #Crypto Market..This is me. Telling you...

With all that I pay attention to, and the daily discussions heard around the world. It is hard for me to sum up Just How Important Today is.

Today I See my favorite cryptocurrency, Ethereum, hit Lows I've not seen since my Beginning into the #Crypto World, this time Last Year. And I Am Smiling! This means that Both you and I have the chance to double our initial investment.  Why!?

Leading experts are now discussing Donald Trump, and his attempts to Smear Cryptocurrencies on Twitter. And They, are smiling.

Only 3% of people in general even Cared to invest, or spend any attentions into Cryptocurrency.

Trumps smear, is going to Force the remaining 97% of the population to acknowledge the Topic. And think twice about their decisions. The thought that they Might be missing out on what seems to be an ever Growing interest into the #Crypto world. Far and Wide, both Big Fish, and Small. We All are talking about it Now..

So I leave you with a thought bubble of your own.

Do I really have a gift for seeing these things?

If you answer that in your head, then you'll hear my advice whisper in the back of your mind.

Now. Really is the best time..you may ever have, to get in C H E A P.


#Minds #Crypto #Ethereum #Bitcoin #GetOutOfTheBanks

As always, it's been my pleasure.

Live with Love, and Peace be With You. @MissKitty22