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Building A Transparent Jury System For 2021 (Recommendation For A Transparent Jury)

#MindsGamingJan 2, 2021, 4:12:40 AM


Lets start the new year with a transparent Jury System! I think that transparency is one of the best things a network like Minds can have, and the one thing that doesn't meet this standard is the Jury System.

I mentioned a few outright issues with the Minds Jury System around the time it was launched, check out our blog  "Community Moderation ( Content Policy, We-Written )"  that mentioned a few general ideas on how to patch the system so it was more transparent and open. In this blog we are going to go into detail about our idea of a transparent Jury System and how it should properly work inside the Minds system.


Transparent Jury 


Enrollment / Verification

Users can choice to enroll into the Jury System. During enrollment users will provide verification they are a real user using CAPTCHA and/or other verification services.

Voter ID

Users who enroll into the Jury System will be assigned a “voter ID” to remain anonymous but create a transparent log of votes that can be audited.

Voting / Reporting

When a user cast their jury vote or reports a post for possible violations, a log of the actions are created. Which is then available for public viewing for the purpose of auditing and checking for mass reports, trolls and bots by identifying Voter IDs with a high volumes of reports.


When a post has been reported, it should not be able to be reported again. To accomplish this we would need a system that identifies duplicate reports.  This system would also need to notify and link users to the publicly accessible log.


When a user appeals a judgement, it will be reviewed by a Jury. If a different vote is made by the Jury, it will be reviewed by the Minds developers.


Users of the jury system will also be able to report Voter IDs to Minds staff as being used by bots or malicious reporters. At this point, the staff can review the reports and votes of the Voter ID and make a unbiased choice on how to deal with the account.

Users Not Enrolled

Enrollment is for users wishing to participate in the Jury voting process. Users will still be able to report other users not enrolled according to the Minds content policy. Reporting an account not enrolled in the Jury System will block that account from your channel.


Closing Thoughts

I think that a transparent Jury System that can be audited by the community is very needed, not to mention better than an algorithm that limits bots and bad actors behind closed doors. I think that an algorithm or trust ranking system can both limit the actions of free expression and voting rights for real users. The only way to make a true “democratic” voting system is for it to be transparent and powered by the users of the system.  


Blog References:

Community Moderation ( Content Policy, We-Written )

Suspend user from jury if consistently deviate from x% consensus

Default site filter x% trusted

Minds Content Policy