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The new “Memberships” Tab (And How To Improve It) #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingSep 3, 2020, 8:39:59 PM

Channels now have a “memberships” tab on their channel to help gain support from users on Minds.

Channels can offer memberships for posts with a paywall (Cost To View) and other rewards, under the “memberships” tab on your channel. (View your memberships by adding /shop to your channel URL or clicking the tab on your channel profile)

Currently the “memberships” tab does not have many features or incentive for users to en-roll in a membership beyond the membership description that is provided by the channel when they create the membership.

I think that that having a shop for memberships is a great idea, and with its own dedicated tab (unlike the old “rewards” list) we could add lots of cool things to the shop. I think Minds should add a “shop” feed to the membership tab where users can view the newest paywall content and filter by videos, blogs, and posts, maybe even price.

I think that this is the next step to our channel membership tabs and would be a huge value to the community and content creators on the network both for viewing content and enrolling in memberships.

As always please drop a comment on your thoughts on the new membership tabs on channels, and other ideas that you may have for our new channel shops! Thanks as always for reading and well will see you for our next blog :)

You can view my Gitlab request here